September 2007

Henry Peterson

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What we do

The Gospel and Our Culture Network exists to give careful attention to the interaction between culture, gospel and church.

It arises from the conviction that genuine renewal in the life and witness of the church comes only with a fresh encounter of the gospel within our culture. The network focuses its activities, therefore, on the cultural research, theological reflection and church renewal necessary for the recovery of the church's missionary identity. The network pursues these issues in a variety of ways:

  • engaging in constructive dialogue
  • promoting collaborative research
  • developing resources for local groups
  • encouraging efforts toward renewal
  • fostering a variety of partnerships

Financial Support

The work of the Gospel and Our Culture Network depends on financial contributions from individuals, churches, denominational units, and grant-making organizations.  W

GOCN Board

John R. Franke, General Coordinator

3231 Tilghman Street
Allentown, PA  18104

Why Join?


Who are we?

The network offers companionship for Christian leaders and groups eager to work together with others who share similar concerns. It brings together people from a wide spectrum of churches -- from Mennonite to Roman Catholic, from Anglican to Southern Baptist -- and a range of local ministry settings.