November 2008

SBL materials

To help our conversation, I am uploading two things: the first is the SBL Checklist for proposing a new unit, which includes definitions of the different types of units; the second is a list of som

SBL Program Unit Proposal Checklist.pdf20.71 KB
Analogous SBL Program Unit Definitions.doc31.5 KB

Governance - Faith Communities and Social Enterprise/Economy

November 24, 2008
Short Description: 

My current interest is in the whole world of governance - how we govern ourselves in the great global transitions going on.

On November 7th I was elected to the board of directors of the Alberta Community Economic Development Network Cooperative AB CED Network Coop  


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Jesus Outside the Feast? A Sermon on Revelation 3:14-22

Listen first to these verses (14-18):

Ecclesiology of the Emerging Church

The emerging church. What is it? Who is it?

Reflections for a Conversation on Theology in Congregational Life

When the Hartford Institute for Religion Research invited me to join 35 others at a consultation on the theme "Theology in Congregational Life," it s