Vol. 8, No. 4 (December 1996)

Author: Alan Roxburgh, Bill Van Groningen, Craig Van Gelder, Doug Ward, James Furr, Jody Betten Rice, Meri McLeod
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Translating the GOCN Conversation to the Local Church, by Craig Van Gelder.
A Model for the Postmodern Church, by Jody Betten Rice.
Why the Postmodern Condition Excites Me: A Pastoral View, by Doug Ward.
Equipping the Church for Incarnational Ministry: Reflections of an Educator, by Meri McLeod.
Transforming Congregations, by James Furr.
GOCN Develops Regional Events, by Alan Roxburgh.
LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Campus Ministry as a “Lab” of the Church, by Bill Van Groningen.